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Act on Mindset Shifts
within Leadership Development

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Rejuvi 45 Event - A Leadership Festival

A Leadership Festival

Drop_, Shift_ and Uplift_. What do these mean in relationship to Leadership? Why are they critical to shout-out? Talk-through? Why is it important, and interesting, to host Social Media Events in relationship to them?

Rejuvi 45 Event - Channeling Mr. Bannister

Channeling Mr. Bannister

Describe POV per the Leadership Development space and mindsets. What mindsets exist? Which ones must be shifted? Why? How does this relate to barriers of the ‘4-minute mile?’

Rejuvi 45 Event - The Connection

The Connection

Why has the connection between Leader growth + Business growth not been made? Why are they served separately? How are they served separately? Does this create challenges and problems? How so?

Rejuvi 45 Event - On the Receiving End

On the Receiving-End

If on the receiving-end of separated Leader Excellence + Business Excellence, define the experience. Describe the Leader perspective. Describe the Business perspective.

Rejuvi 45 Event - Backbone


Team Leaders, Service Leaders + Sales Leaders are the backbone of any Business. How many have access to Leadership Development? Of those who do, what does it look like? Is Leadership Development marginalized for some? How so? What risk does this create?

Rejuvi 45 Event - Serve the Many

Serve the Many

What happens when a Business serves all roles on the Leadership Bench? Can ‘simple elegance’ exist in the space? How so? What happens to a Business that gets serious about hire-to-retire Leadership Development? What happens to associated Leaders?

Rejuvi 45 Event - Norming Makes Me Storming

Norming Makes Me Storming

When it comes to Leadership Development, what are ‘industry norms?’ What, really, do they tell us? Do we settle for them? How so? Is there a better pathway? If so, what is it? What are pathway cornerstones?