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Get Your Job Done

Create a Leadership Movement within
Your Business

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Barrier Take-Down

What is a leadership movement? The cost of creating one? Describe past perspective. Future perspective. Which Business models are game changing in the Leadership Development space? How so?

Barrier Take-Down
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See to the Evolution

What are new, now + next models for Leader Excellence? For Business Excellence? What type of analysis is needed to gauge them? How does Engagement relate to this? Evolve to Alignment + Engagement?

See to the Evolution
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Stronger Together

If Leader Excellence + Business Excellence are connected, does it represent a stronger model? How so? Who is accountable for its deployment; e.g. On-the-line for Leader + Business effectiveness? Why is the connection ignored by some? Described as ‘too complex’ by some?

Stronger Together
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Take the Risk

Define the risk of not making a connection between Leader growth + Business growth; The cost. What data supports effectiveness of a separated approach? What data supports effectiveness of a combined approach?

Take The Risk
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At the Table

Is exclusivity associated with Leadership Development? How so? How can a Business be inclusive? How does Leadership Development inclusivity impact disciplines like Talent Development (Training) vs. Talent Management (Succession Planning)?

At the Table
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Launch Boxes to Go

What is the Succession Planning 9-Box? Is it, really, a Leader segmentation model? How so? Does it need a bit of Marketing and Sales disruption? Why? How can organizations shift outcomes from ‘static boxes’ to ‘launch boxes?’

Launch Boxes to Go
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Beachhead Breakthrough

What does a systemic approach to ‘tending the Leadership Bench’ look like? How would an organization push-forth with it? Why would it be important to do so? Where are beachheads best established?

beachhead Breakthrough
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