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Development Events

The content - Modern leadership ideas and solutions for business leaders and leadership practitioners

The schedule - Thursdays at 2-2:45pm E

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The next event - Discover more about an event, date, content and topics.

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Barrier Take-Down
What is a leadership movement? The cost of creating one? Describe past perspective. Future perspective. Which Business models are game changing in the Leadership Development space? How so?
Feb 09, 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM EST

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Leadership Development Community

The community - Includes business leaders and leadership practitioners.

The purpose - Shift stodgy-old leadership mindsets and deliver uplifting-new leadership value.

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Leadership Development Events

The first volume - Recorded events and reels from 2021-2022
The second volume - Recorded events and reels from 2022-2023

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Do Leaders + Businesses need more lists of Leadership courseware?  Why?  Can Leadership Reporting and Resources be more instructional?  If so, how?  What would an example of instructional Reporting look like?  Of instructional Resources?


Leadership Excellence brings prowess to Analytics and Analytics brings prowess to Leadership Excellence.  What does this mean?  How does it work?  Describe the connection to Leadership to Business Impact Analytics.

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Leadership Analytics.  What is it?  How does one get it?  Own it?  Once owned, how can it be leveraged for good of the Leader?  For the good of the Team?  For the good of the Business?

Get Your Leadership Development Job Done

The priorities - The job-to-be-done by business leaders and leadership practitioners

The solutions - From 'Act on mindsets' to 'Position leadership development'

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