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The content - Modern leadership ideas and solutions for business leaders and leadership practitioners as they navigate the Future of Work

The schedule - Thursdays at 2-2:45pm E

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Make It Quick
Make It Quick
Does ‘quick-to-insight’ apply to Business Planning? Why? How can a Team move from months of planning and weeks of execution to weeks of planning and days of execution?
Jul 04, 2024, 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM EDT
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The community - Includes business leaders and leadership practitioners.

The purpose - Shift stodgy-old leadership mindsets and deliver uplifting-new leadership value.

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Leadership Development Events

The first volume - Recorded events and reels from 2021-2022
The second volume - Recorded events and reels from 2022-2023

The third volume - Recorded events and reels from 2023-2024

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Can multi-rater Assessment support an entire Team? How so? How does it connect to Leader Excellence + Business Excellence? Connect to short, mid + long-term Team effort?

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How often should a Leader receive Leadership Feedback? If the Feedback is gathered via multi-rater Assessment, how often should the process be utilized? What do we know about responder rates? Can ‘quantity of output without losing quality of input’ be a goal? How so?

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What is meant by, ‘Own ones Leadership Analytics?’ What difference does this make? How does cloud-based tenancy for Leadership to Business Impact Analytics work? What value would Leadership Analytics bring to a Leader? A Business?

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