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The content - Modern leadership ideas and solutions for business leaders and leadership practitioners

The schedule - Thursdays at 2-2:45pm E

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Launch Boxes to Go
What is the Succession Planning 9-Box? Is it, really, a Leader segmentation model? How so? Does it need a bit of Marketing and Sales disruption? Why? How can organizations shift outcomes from ‘static boxes’ to ‘launch boxes?’
Apr 06, 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM EDT

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Leadership Development Community

The community - Includes business leaders and leadership practitioners.

The purpose - Shift stodgy-old leadership mindsets and deliver uplifting-new leadership value.

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Leadership Development Events

The first volume - Recorded events and reels from 2021-2022
The second volume - Recorded events and reels from 2022-2023

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Is exclusivity associated with Leadership Development?  How so?  How can a Business be inclusive?  How does Leadership Development inclusivity impact disciplines like Talent Development (Training) vs. Talent Management (Succession Planning)?

Episode 53.png

Define the risk of not making a connection between Leader growth + Business growth; The cost. What data supports effectiveness of a separated approach?  What data supports effectiveness of a combined approach?

Episode 52.png

If Leader Excellence + Business Excellence are connected, does it represent a stronger model?  How so?  Who is accountable for its deployment; e.g. On-the-line for Leader + Business effectiveness?  Why is the connection ignored by some?  Described as ‘too complex’ by some?

Get Your Leadership Development Job Done

The priorities - The job-to-be-done by business leaders and leadership practitioners

The solutions - From 'Act on mindsets' to 'Position leadership development'

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