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The content - Modern leadership ideas and solutions for business leaders and leadership practitioners

The schedule - Thursdays at 2-2:45pm E

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Right to Expect
Describe POV per the Leadership Development space and value. How has value been derived? Measured? How can and should it be derived? Do disciplines need to come together to drive Leadership Development value? Which ones? What is required to move forward?
Dec 08, 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM EST

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The community - Includes business leaders and leadership practitioners.

The purpose - Shift stodgy-old leadership mindsets and deliver uplifting-new leadership value.

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The first volume - Recorded events and reels from 2021-2022
The second volume - Recorded events and reels from 2022-2023

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When it comes to Leadership Development, what are ‘industry norms?’  What, really, do they tell us?  Do we settle for them?  How so?  Is there a better pathway?  If so, what is it?  What are pathway cornerstones?

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What happens when a Business serves all roles on the Leadership Bench?  Can ‘simple elegance’ exist in the space?  How so?  What happens to a Business that gets serious about hire-to-retire Leadership Development?  What happens to associated Leaders?

Episode 41.png

Team Leaders, Service Leaders + Sales Leaders are the backbone of any Business.  How many have access to Leadership Development?  Of those who do, what does it look like?  Is Leadership Development marginalized for some?  How so?  What risk does this create?

Get Your Leadership Development Job Done

The priorities - The job-to-be-done by business leaders and leadership practitioners

The solutions - From 'Act on mindsets' to 'Position leadership development'