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Get Your Job Done

Measure the Impact
of Your Leadership Movement

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Unpack the Leadership to Business Impact pathway. What are the components? How are they connected? How do they influence one another? Does the process need to be resource-rich? Why?

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The Loop

What is the future of Analytics in the Leadership Development space? How can it inform Business Impact? What would I-P-O look like? Define people-based metrics. Operational-based metrics. Value-based metrics.

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Truth. ‘I’d like to give Feedback, but this Assessment will take an hour to complete!’ How can new approaches break-the-frame on how frequently Feedback is gathered? Given? What are the new approaches to Data Collection?

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A Quantum Leap

Let’s unpack the new approaches to Data Collection within the Leadership Development space. What are they? Where did they come from? How does a Business make the leap from old to new?

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Own to Run

What is meant by, ‘Own ones Leadership Analytics?’ What difference does this make? How does cloud-based tenancy for Leadership to Business Impact Analytics work? What value would Leadership Analytics bring to a Leader? A Business?