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Norming Makes Me Storming

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Build Leadership

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Right to Expect

To Bespeak

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For the Greater Good

The Big Roar

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Create a Movement

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Barrier Take-Down

See to the Evolution

Stronger Together

Take the Risk

At the Table

Launch Boxes to Go

Beachhead Breakthrough

Measure Impact

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The Loop


A Quantum Leap

Own to Run

Support Leaders

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Tell Me Cause I Wanna Know

Take the Village Team

Make It Quick

Knowing Is Squared

Position Leadership

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Possibilities at the Ready

Blip the Throttle + Downshift

Just Jump

Thrust Vectoring

Certain to Fly

Lift Off

The Catalyst


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Launch Boxes to Go

Thu - April 7 - 2pm E

What is the Succession Planning 9-Box?  Is it, really, a Leader segmentation model?  How so?  Does it need a bit of Marketing and Sales disruption?  Why?  How can organizations shift outcomes from ‘static boxes’ to ‘launch boxes?’

Beachhead Breakthrough

Thu - April 14 - 2pm E

What does a systemic approach to ‘tending the Leadership Bench’ look like?  How would an organization push-forth with it?  Why would it be important to do so?  Where are beachheads best established?


Thu - April 21 - 2pm E

Unpack the Leadership to Business Impact pathway.  What are the components?  How are they connected?  How do they influence one another?  Does the process need to be resource-rich?  Why?


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